Why a Paid Social Marketing Strategy is Essential in 2018

Today’s businesses rely on social platforms, with Facebook at the center of these marketing efforts in many cases. But times have changed – a drastic decline in organic reach over the last couple of years makes it vital for businesses to make paid social strategies a part of their marketing plans.

According to The State of Social 2018 report, by the beginning of 2018, 55 percent of marketers saw a notable decrease in their page’s organic reach.

The goal of Facebook’s algorithm updates is to create more meaningful social interactions – more ‘person-to-person’ engagement and prioritization of a user’s network of family and friends. The changes also take into account that if a business’s content fosters interaction in comments and shares, future posts get higher priority in the News Feed.

What has this meant for businesses? A drastically reduced organic audience reach.

The moral: developing engaging and effective paid social strategies is essential to your business and its future growth.

The targeting capabilities of Facebook (and Instagram) have improved greatly over the last several years. With real estate in particular, we can use paid advertising to capture the ideal buyer leads based on interests, income levels, online activities, age groups and other demographics, as well as utilize Facebook’s tools and features to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How are your social media strategies helping your bottom line? We encourage you to contact our digital media team to discuss how we can fine tune your digital marketing efforts!