2020 Vision: Real Estate Marketing Agency Predictions

2020 Real Estate Marketing - Predicitions

As 2019 quickly comes to a close, the team here at United Landmark Associates is already looking forward to 2020’s unique changes and opportunities. As one of the nation’s leading marketing agencies that specializes in real estate, our fully-integrated campaigns must continue to evolve and adapt to ensure that our clients stand out and succeed.

Keeping our finger on the industry’s pulse is more important than ever before, particularly when it comes to our real estate digital marketing services.

Read on for our top 2020 marketing predictions:


2020 Real Estate Marketing - Elysee VIP Event


As consumers grow more and more savvy about tuning out traditional real estate print ads (or ads in general), companies should actively seek out opportunities to connect with their target audience in a meaningful way.

According to a recent survey from data-driven firm Epsilon, 80% of consumers said that they would be more likely to do business with a brand that offers a personalized customer experience, which proves the value of a one-to-one approach.

A more personal approach can be smoothly and successfully implemented in various components of the marketing mix, from eblasts addressing the individual recipients to exclusive VIP events catering to niche interests. United Landmark Associates, in its unique role as a marketing agency for real estate developers, is ideally positioned to execute this trend through every step of client campaigns – the agency offers a full suite of digital real estate marketing services as well as traditional branding and creative services.

2020 Real Estate Marketing - BTI Blog Post

Content Marketing

Digital marketers are all familiar with the phrase “Content is king,” and it likely won’t be dethroned in 2020.

High-quality content that implements relevant and high-performing keywords drives search engine optimization, which in turn determines search rankings and impacts overall digital engagement, traffic and conversions. In the coming year, ULA’s digital real estate marketing team plans to continue refining its content marketing approach to further demonstrate client expertise, showcase unique selling propositions and communicate with consumers from a position of authority.

Google Search

As the world’s go-to search engine, Google forms a cornerstone of every digital real estate marketing campaign. Google is also constantly adapting its algorithm to streamline and enhance search engine result pages (SERPs), including the introduction of “position zero,” which outranks the previously coveted number one position on the SERP.

Position zero is defined as the featured snippet block at the top of the Google search results page, and includes extracted text from a webpage as well as a page link, page title and URL.

This position can be attained by implementing a strategic mix of SEO techniques on a host domain, and brands that achieve position zero will have a major click-through advantage over their competitors.

A HubSpot study of high-volume keywords showed that when content ranked for position zero, it produced a 114% increase in click-through rates. In 2020, ULA’s digital experts will continue refining and implementing SEO techniques that put clients in prime position to claim “position zero.”


Video Content

As you would expect, video content has quickly become one of the best ways to capture consumer’s interest and significantly boost engagement. We’re looking forward to leveraging more video content across our integrated campaigns, whether it’s a lifestyle-oriented video that showcases how the “dream” has become a reality during sales presentations or a monthly social media series highlighting project milestones, unique features and more.

This video content bucket also includes live video, which is expected to be worth more than $70 billion by 2021. Consumers spend three times longer watching live video than they do pre-recorded video, which shows that live video is yet another digital avenue worth pursuing in 2020 and beyond.

ULA’s 2020 Vision

The United Landmark Associates team is eagerly anticipating implementing these trends among many others throughout 2020, elevating every client’s fully integrated campaigns with our creativity, digital expertise and above all, a comprehensive understanding of luxury real estate and hospitality.

If you haven’t already started planning for 2020, now is the time! Call or email us today to learn more about how we can support your business in the coming year.