Marketing Luxury Real Estate Online — How to Stay Ahead in 2019

The competitive landscape for audience attention online intensifies on an almost daily basis and shows no sign of slowing down in 2019. Developers will have to work ten times harder to build momentum as a surge in demand for urban residences has resulted in a spike in luxury real estate offerings on the market. Earning — and maintaining — prospective buyer attention requires you to be laser focused on data and savvy enough to understand when and how to adjust your campaign strategy based on those insights.

Digital marketing empowers you to connect with prospects wherever they are and collect comprehensive data that allows you to pinpoint the best times to serve them targeted messaging, resulting in a greater rate of warm lead generation. Here are some tips to understand what you need for a successful 360-degree marketing campaign:

Create a Dynamic Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an essential marketing tool that directly contributes to prospective lead generation. Since Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have made it increasingly difficult for brands to reach their audiences, you need a strategy that includes paid social placements designed to work in tandem with the rest of your content. Even well-designed visuals with engaging copy won’t maximize their potential audience reach without the support of targeted ads and boosted posts. A few more tips for using social to boost luxury real estate sales:

  • Elevate your brand perception with a Facebook cover video to make an outstanding first impression.
  • Use Facebook Live at your properties to give prospective customers a behind-the-scenes look at construction progress.
  • Post 360-degree photos and videos that can give your audience a better sense of the look and feel of homes and amenity spaces.
  • Take advantage of keyword searches on Twitter so you know when people in specific zip codes are searching for topics that relate to real estate or home buying.
Revisit Your Email Marketing Plan

Email campaigns are an effective way to get in touch with new leads and stay in touch as they progress through the funnel. Email is still a main communication platform for the majority of luxury homebuyers, but you’ll need to work a little harder to stand out amongst other marketers in their inbox:

  • Get creative with your subject lines to boost your open rates.
  • Include prominently placed call-to-action buttons that lead prospects to valuable content.
  • Create an email newsletter about your community and send it to your database.
  • Develop multitouch campaigns with messaging that reflects various stages of the sales funnel.
  • Share upcoming events and open houses where prospects will be able to establish a personal connection with your sales team members.
Get Personal with Drip Text Campaigns

Text marketing allows you to tailor your communications to your prospects’ position in the buying process. This form of direct messaging is extremely personal and lends itself to more immediate prospect feedback which gives your sales team an opportunity to nurture relationships:

  • If they’ve recently toured the property, send them a follow-up text to ask how they felt about the experience.
  • If they’ve reached out to express interest in working with you, make them feel comfortable reaching out to you via text with questions.
  • Send links to (mobile-friendly) blog posts that provide additional information about lifestyle and product offerings based on their responses.

Creating a multi-channel digital strategy that speaks to homebuyers needs at every touchpoint can be a challenge but if you get it right, you’ll see a remarkable difference in your sales results.

United Landmark can help you re-energize your marketing plan and navigate the challenging digital landscape in 2019. Contact us to find out how you can leverage our 30+ years of real estate experience to create a winning campaign that gets results.