Future Real Estate Opportunities

Future Real Estate Opportunities – Westhaven Community

United Landmark Associates is a proven leader in the real estate marketing industry and has been for the past 35 years. Our team’s experience and success put the agency in a unique position to predict future real estate opportunities and guide real estate marketing strategies.

Based on the current state of the world, it is likely that the market will experience increased interest in real estate offerings such as:

  • New Suburban Homes
  • Master-Planned Communities

In the minds of consumers, these particular real estate opportunities represent enhanced security, safety, and convenience, which are all key considerations in where people choose to live.

Future Real Estate Opportunities – Streetscape

New Suburban Homes

Now more than ever, prospective buyers are looking to leave the cramped confines of the cities behind and rediscover the concept of “personal space” and privacy in the suburb community. This suburban migration was already taking place, but may accelerate in the wake of the current health crisis as consumers seek the safety of larger open spaces and social distance.

Suburban homes located near the fringes of the urban areas – the “inner ring” of the suburbs  – are sure to experience the greatest uptick in interest, as they still provide access to the modern amenities and conveniences of the city, without the closeness and congestion that have caused so much alarm in recent months.

These new suburban home-buyers will likely be millennial couples, as this market is now at a prime homebuying age and looking for their first family home. In the era of social distancing and likely for some time afterward, digital will be the best and most efficient way to market to this buyer. A few of the recommended ways to reach this audience online include:

  • Eblasts highlighting virtual presentations
  • Facebook Live happy hours and social media Q&As with the sales team
  • New landing pages highlighting virtual tours and renderings, with registration forms for virtual presentations

Future Real Estate Opportunities – Landing Page

Rise of the Master-Planned Community

A well-designed master-planned community from an established developer provides a safe, self-contained environment that more and more modern buyers are gravitating toward. Master-planned communities are typically family-friendly and often multi-generational, offering residents plenty of landscaped parks and open spaces for interaction with neighbors and loved ones at their leisure. It also offers a little more freedom to practice social distancing if needed.

Ideally, a master-planned community also satisfies the needs of the “active adult” buyer. In real estate marketing, an active adult buyer is typically aged 55+ and looking for access to resort-style amenities such as championship golf or a tropical pool deck, proximity to facilities such as hospitals, shopping centers and airports, as well as a variety of health and wellness activities complemented by a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Future Real Estate Opportunities – Champions Club

John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently reported that a growing number of master-planned buyers “gravitate to strong websites for master plans that provide ‘one-stop shopping’ for detail on amenities, housing, schools, and nearby services such as retail.” Here at ULA, we have designed stunning websites for master-planned communities in the state of Florida and beyond, and strategically audited existing websites to enhance visuals, improve search engine rank positioning (SERP) and more.

Building Real Estate Marketing Strategies

United Landmark Associates has 35 years of experience managing traditional real estate marketing and real estate digital marketing from early concepting to final construction. Our team offers each client with a comprehensive and strategic array of services that result in successful and highly qualified new lead generation and guides existing prospects through the sales funnel. Contact us at 813-870-9519 or fill out our contact form to learn how ULA can help market your master-planned community, suburban homes or luxury real estate development.