Is Your Brand Prepared for Instagram’s Shift to Video Focused Content?

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently posted a video to his personal social channels stating that the company no longer wants to be seen as a “square photo-sharing app.”

In this video, Mosseri claims that Instagram is shifting its focus to four key areas: video, shopping, messaging, and creators, with the number one priority being video.

Instagram’s shift to video comes as no surprise with the immense success of competing platforms TikTok and YouTube. As it currently stands, TikTok is the most-downloaded app in the United States.

Mosseri admits in his recent video that TikTok’s in-app creative tools are in a class of their own, and he knows Instagram needs to catch up.

“I think we have to get better at building more powerful and creative tools,” he says of updating the platform’s tools to give creators “the ability to make something that’s going to pop.”

Currently, Instagram offers two different video formats: IGTV and Reels. While IGTV has existed since 2018 for videos up to 60 minutes in length, Reels launched just one year ago for short-form videos as an attempt to keep-up with the rising popularity of TikTok. Many have pointed out that Instagram Reels are eerily similar to the competing app, and not at all better.

Mosseri even agrees with the harsh feedback from users. When asked about the current Reels format, he says he’s “not yet happy with it” and that in all honesty, “TikTok is ahead.”

So, what’s their first step towards becoming a video focused app?

In his recent video, Mosseri hints towards the consolidation of IGTV and Reels to make the video sharing process clearer and easier to consume. If Instagram wants to fully shift its focus from image sharing, it’s clear that the app needs to not only simplify its interface but offer something that TikTok doesn’t.

In the meantime, while we wait for Instagram to make physical changes to its publication tools, it’s clear that the platform’s algorithm has begun favoring video content over static images. Currently, videos on Instagram receive 49% more engagement than still images.

This shift for Instagram comes with plenty of advantages for businesses utilizing the platform. More video content means more opportunity for ad space among niche audiences, allowing marketers to help better target your ideal demographics.

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