Architectural Trends

Over the last several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. As schools, workplaces, and businesses temporarily shut down or discontinued services, many Americans were homebound for longer than they’ve ever experienced. As the real estate industry and homeowners alike continue adapting to the COVID-19 crisis, United Landmark Associates is looking ahead to future home design trends that will emerge in the months and years to come.

These new 2020 home design predictions anticipate first-time and existing homebuyers’ enhanced desire for:

  • Large social spaces
  • Modern home offices
  • Outdoor living and green areas
  • At-home fitness


Large Social Spaces – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

Modern Home Design – Large Social Spaces

Quarantine living brought families and friends together for extended periods of time. Architects are likely to see a trend toward larger home concepts, in the event that homeowners and their loved ones are ever brought together in isolation again. More spacious living room areas, larger kitchens, additional guestrooms and private bathrooms will be popular choices in the near future.

Home Offices – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

Modern Home Offices

This year, many people transitioned to remote work and found themselves without a proper at-home workspace. A laptop at the dining room table won’t be a conducive work environment for much longer. Office spaces and smart home technology designed to support these office spaces will certainly be brought into future home designs, whether the office is established as its own room or incorporated into an existing residential area.

Outdoor Spaces – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

Spacious Outdoor Areas

Prospective home buyers will actively seek out green spaces for themselves and for their families. With “stay at home” and social distancing in place, many people have difficulty entertaining themselves and finding safe areas where they can stretch their legs enjoy a breath of fresh air. Moving forward, prospects will be keen to build or buy homes in master-planned communities with open and inviting outdoor amenities, or in tower and townhome residences with walkable access to public parks and green spaces.

Home Fitness – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

Future Home Ideas – At-Home Fitness

Gyms closed their doors and workout routines were put on hold as countless people were left without access to equipment, so private home gyms and workout spaces will certainly be represented in future architectural designs. With their own private gym at their fingertips, homeowners won’t have to worry about potential exposure or contamination from shared equipment.

Home Improvements – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

Home Innovations and Improvements

Now more than ever, people will look for ways to introduce smart, hands-free technologies into their future home designs. More and more homeowners will begin incorporating low-cost innovations such as touchless faucets and motion or voice-controlled temperature gauges and lighting. Additional modern conveniences such as filtered water systems, secured temperature-controlled storage spaces, and state-of-the-art appliances will continue to be in vogue.

These personalized home and technology improvements will contribute to a more health-conscious and efficient lifestyle.

Clean Zones – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

Clean Zones

Home designs after COVID-19 will likely incorporate a “clean zone” for guests. To keep homes as hygienic as possible, new architectural layouts will include thoughtful and necessary spaces such as a large foyer or separated “mudroom” where guests can remove shoes and disinfect their hands.

ULA-Building – architectural trends OR 2020 home design

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