Marketing to Generation Z

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Generation Z Consumers Using Smart Phones

What is the best way you get their attention?

There is so much talk about Millennials when it comes to the topic of marketing tactics, but the generation that follows them, Generation Z, is giving marketers a real run for their money.

Generation Z , those born after 1995, is a loosely defined demographic composed of those in their early teens to mid-twenties.

Reaching them from an advertising standpoint is a challenging prospect, considering they are the most likely group to go out of their way to avoid advertising messages. They grew up with a smart phone in their hand, television and movies on-demand, and social media at their fingertips.

By 2020, Gen Z will account for one-third of all consumers . Here are some suggestions for getting into the heads of this picky audience and capturing their attention in new and unique ways:

Be authentic

As marketers are most likely older than their Gen Z target audience, they have to adjust their thinking when it comes to genuine messages. Almost 77 percent of this audience want to see real people in real situations, and 65 percent dislike ads that make things look too perfect. Once the Gen Z crowd deems something worthy of their tastes, they tend to become obsessed and hyper-engaged – they may also get bored quickly if things aren’t authentic in their eyes.

Think fast

When Gen Z doesn’t get what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, they are likely to move on. They have grown up in a world overrun with technology, unlike previous generations that still remember dial-up internet. According to a report by IBM, 60% of Gen Z-ers surveyed said they will not use an app or website that is slow to load. They are far less tolerant of technical glitches than generations before. And with only eight seconds to get their attention, they require constant and immediate feedback as they take in and seemingly lose interest almost instantaneously.

Visual impact

The wide variety of media channels are making it harder for brands to reach the Gen Z audience. Gen Z is three times more likely to be receptive to funny advertising, rather than something hip or celebrity-promoted. The barrier to real-time information and communication has always been nearly nonexistent for them, and since they digest their information in bite-size segments, getting their attention with meaningful, visually-impactful content is crucial.

Harness technology

As the first “digital natives,” Gen Z is highly reliant on their mobile phones –so technology and their digital world is second nature. When this group checks their social media accounts up to 100 times a day, it is crucial to harness their attention through Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Need help grabbing the attention of this new generation of consumers? Whether this demographic is familiar or brand new to your marketing agenda, contact the experts at ULA for an evaluation of your goals.