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Spring Cleaning your 2017 Marketing Strategy

As spring is in full swing, many marketers spin their wheels to create fresh and meaningful content and smart marketing strategies for the rest of the year. Here are some tips to clear out the clutter and enjoy smooth sailing throughout 2017:

1) Plan ahead – Rest assured, even without pre-spring marketing plan, all is not lost. Come up with a list of blog post topics many months in advance. Create the foundation of a social media calendar with holidays, campaigns and goals that will carry through the summer and beyond. Look to some of the work you execute for your own clients, and harness the inspiration as a spring board for meaningful content for your own marketing efforts.

2) Use sponsored posts – It doesn’t always require a big budget to make a big impact. Spending just a little each month can help keep your company top-of-mind with your target audience, within your industry and within your metro area. Use sponsored posts on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to add a promotion element to your marketing efforts and increase exposure in your target markets. Check out this list of suggestions for getting the most bang for your buck for under $100 per month.

3) Focus your social media – When it comes to social media, don’t spread yourself thin. Focus on two or three platforms, form a strategic plan and execute them well to reach new leads. Among the top 10 social media sites according to Small Business Trends: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Reddit.

4) Refresh your website – As a marketer, you work hard to create meaningful messages for your clients. But what about your own presence? It’s easy to let your online image fade as you concentrate on other tasks. It is vital to keep your own website image up-to-date, making sure your site reflects your current messaging; offers streamlined navigation, quick load times, and simple, easy-to-read content; and is optimized for conversion. Don’t forget to continue through the spring and beyond to update your site with recent work, awards, news and other applicable content. To stay engaged with your audience, a company has to stay engaged with their own online presence.

5) Refresh your thinking – Springtime is a great time to review your objectives, and how your marketing efforts tie into your goals. Revisit how your efforts have brought success to your company, and seek out areas of improvement. Look at things from a new perspective – this can mean refresher courses like those on {LINK:} and trainings for your staff and the leaders in your company, and even bringing on new team members and vendors. Come up with new approaches as a team that can carry you throughout 2017.

Are you ready for a little spring cleaning? Contact United Landmark Associates’ experts today to help evaluate your marketing efforts from a new point of view for 2017.